Animal Removal

Animal Removal                

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WE ARE NOT A PEST CONTROL COMPANY. NJ Trappers Wildlife Service are Wildlife Specialists, dealing only with animal removal and nuisance wildlife problems. You would not let your painter fix your transmission, so why would you let your pest control company attempt to provide you with a service they are incapable of handling and not properly trained for. NJ Trappers Wildlife Services will solve your animal, wildlife problems and prevent them from reoccurring and causing any further damage to your home or business. Since 2004 NJ Trappers Wildlife Services has been serving, trapping and protecting homes and businesses.

                  We provide the removal of bats, bees, birds, chipmunks, coyote, foxes, flying squirrels, groundhogs, mice, moles, muskrats, opossums, pigeons, raccoons, rats, rodents, skunks, snakes, squirrels and voles. The animals may be in your house, under your house, shed, yard, deck or porch. It does not matter we will promptly trap and remove any unwanted critters.

                  Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, and mice will find their way into your home and attic. Animals in the attic leave a mess behind, destroying insulation with their urine and feces. They will also damage duct work, AC units, sheetrock as well as chew on your wiring, which can cause a fire. After trapping the damage repairs will begin. All entry points of access will be sealed any other potential points of possible future access will be sealed. If necessary an attic restoration and biohazard cleanup service will be performed.

Animal Removal can be very time consuming and even very dangerous for the average person or homeowner, so let us help and professionally solve your problem. If you have an animal or wildlife issue that you would like taken care of contact NJ Trappers Wildlife Services at 732-682-5984 or 609-312-1880.